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Alina Nazareth received 1st place in the UGS Social Sciences Oral Research Presentation

Alina Nazareth received 1st place in the Social Sciences Oral Research Presentation category at the UGS Scholarly Awards Conference. Alina is a 3rd year doctoral student working in PLSD. She is studying spatial skills in children and adolescents. She was recognized for her work at the Provost Awards Recognition Reception.


PLSD's Doctoral Student Carla Abad was recently awarded a 3-year National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Carla, under the supervision of Dr. Pruden, will examine sex differences in early educator's numeracy and spatial language use to preschool boys and girls.

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Dr. Pruden will be participating in the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science’s Science Communication Program (SCP) where she will receive professional development training in science communication across a variety of audiences, particularly audiences in the informal learning setting. As part of this opportunity, Dr. Pruden will create a hands-on table top demo that showcases her research. For more information, please go to

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This project, entitled "Exploring the Neural Mechanisms of Physics Learning," is under the direction of Angela R. Laird (Physics), Eric Brewe (Education), and Shannon Pruden (Psychology). This award starts August 15, 2014 and ends July 31, 2017 and is for a total of $594,547. This project will examine undergraduate students enrolled in introductory physics classes, including those enrolled in a traditional lecture course and those enrolled in a flipped-classroom (i.e., modeling physics course).

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Carla Abad invited to lunch with OSTP's director John Holdren

PLSD graduate student Carla Abad, an NSF GRFP awardee, has been invited to have lunch, along with a few other FIU STEM graduate and undergraduate students, with the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Assistant to President Obama for Science and Technology, Dr. John Holdren. Congratulations on the invitation, Carla!

Carla Abad presents her NSF proposal to FIU's Board of Trustees

Congratulations to PLSD graduate student, Carla Abad, on her presentation to FIU's Board of Trustees. She briefly presented her NSF proposal to the BOT during their September 10th meeting.


Rosalie Odean, PLSD Graduate Student, to Present her Research at Graduate Student Data Blitz

Please join the PLSD lab on Friday, October 3rd from noon to 1pm in AHC1 - Room 110 for the Center for Children and Families Speaker Series. This week's series is part of the Graduate Professional Development Series; it is entitled "Graduate Student Data Blitz." Our very own Rosalie Odean will present on her research, "Measuring Spatial Language Comprehension in Three-Year-Olds." We hope to see you there!


Alina Nazareth Wins the Doctoral Year Fellowship!

Congratulations to our very own graduate student, Alina Nazareth, on her recent awarding of the University Graduate School's Doctoral Year Dissertation Fellowship! This fellowship will provide Alina with an increased stipend as well as release from teaching responsibilities so that she can finish up her dissertation and publish manuscripts! Congrats!