The Project on Language and Spatial Development is directed by Dr. Shannon Pruden, Assistant Professor in the Developmental Science program in the Department of Psychology. For more information about the director of PLSD, please click on the link "Dr. Shannon Pruden" on the left.

The work conducted at PLSD would not be possible without the hard work of many graduate and undergraduate students. To learn more about PLSD's current graduate students, please click on the link "Graduate Students" on the left.

Many of our undergraduate research assistants are full-time students at Florida International University who are majoring in Psychology, Early Education or other related disciplines. For more information about our current research assistants, please click on the link "Research Assistant" on the left.

You can find out more about students and staff who previously worked with the PLSD under the link "Lab Alumni" on the left.


Fall 2017 PLSD Lab Photo

Pictured from left to right: Carlos Desme, Evan Soto-Harrison, Daniela Alvarez, Carla Abad, Rosalie Odean, Dr. Shannon Pruden, Ana Violante, Nicolas Zapata, Nelcida Garcia, and Aurora Geddes (not pictured: Elsa Bravo)