Research Assistants

Isabela De La Rosa

Isabela De La Rosa, Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Isabela. At present, I am a junior enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program with a focus on psychology at Florida International University. I have fostered an interest in gene-environment interplay and how it relates to the growth of an individual's physical development, cognitive development, and social-emotional development. My career and research goals are to obtain a Ph.D. in psychology and eventually become a research scientist within the department of psychology. I am currently assisting on a new study under a doctoral student on how preschool-aged children solve mental rotation tasks.

Priscilla Lioi, Research Assistant

Claudia Rey Ochoa, Research Assistant

Oriana Pinto Corro, Research Assistant

Manuel Alexis Reyes

Manuel Alexis Reyes, Research Assistant

Manuel Alexis Reyes is an English Major and Chemistry Minor at Florida International University. I am also a Pre-Medical student. My career goals are to become a Medical Doctor and, subsequently, a Pediatric Surgeon. Alexis is working on a new study that examines the relations between young children's selective attention to social and non-social events and their verbal and non-verbal spatial abilities. As part of this project, Alexis is learning how to administer a battery of spatial tasks remotely with young children.