Dr. Rosalie Odean

Dr. Rosalie Odean


  • B.A., Child Development, Mills College, Oakland, CA

Research Interests

Comprehension of spatial terms by bilingual English-Spanish speaking toddlers; Individual differences in language processing efficiency for spatial words.


Costales, A., Abad, C., Odean, R., & Pruden, S.M. (in press). Spatial activities and manipulatives for early childhood classrooms. In G. Scarlett (Ed.), Classroom Management: An A-to-Z Guide. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication.

Selected Presentations

Odean, R., Abad, C., Costales, A., Herradon, N., Ferret, S., & Pruden, S.M. (2013, October). Pre-kindergarteners’ numeracy and spatial development: The influence of educator language. Poster presented at the biennial conference of the Cognitive Development Society (CDS), Memphis, TN.

Odean, R., Abad, C., Bradley, C.A., & Pruden, S.M (2013, June). The words of our parents: How parental language use influences early language processing efficiency. Poster presented at 2013 Workshop on Infant Language Development (WILD), Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain.

Odean, R., Abad, C., Costales, A., & Pruden, S.M. (2013, April). Individual differences in children’s comprehension of spatial terms: Using LENA to examine influence of parent spatial language. Poster presented at 2013 LENA International Conference, Denver, CO.

Odean, R., Bradley, C.A., Krogh-Jespersen, S., & Pruden, S.M. (2013, April). Children’s comprehension of spatial terms. Poster presented at biennial meeting for the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), Seattle, WA.